music teachers association


CLAVIS - Music Teachers Association, founded with the aim of developing and promoting music, musical production and music teaching in the Republic of Croatia.

The Associations programmes and projects promote new knowledge and contribute to the improvement of talented young musicians musical skills as a form of winning recognition for performing art and auctorial work

CLAVIS Associations activities include:

-organizing master classes, expert lectures, seminars and round-table conferences for the purpose of music teachers professional improvement and advancement; 
-publishing issues (newsletters, reviews, audio and video recordings etc.) from the Associations field of activity; 
-fostering international collaboration programmes and projects;
-organizing concerts.

The Clavis Associations projects are carried out in collaboration with the Academy of Music of the University of Zagreb, with the support of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and under the sponsorship of the Education and Training Agency.

CLAVIS is a non-profit association, registered at the Municipal Office for General Administration in Zagreb.

Chairwoman of the Association: Senka Apa, piano professor 

Secretary of the Association: Željka Serdarušić, piano professor 

Expert co-worker: Davor Lahnit, piano professor